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Visa, Immigration Services and Work Permit Services

Administrative services in BarcelonaOur administrative support at BarnaRelocation covers all possible aspects when a person plans to move to Barcelona. We manage the entire immigration process, which includes all initial applications for visa to Spain and initial authorizations, registration in local offices, creation and renewal of permits as well as dealing with cancellation and departure requirements.
BarnaRelocation also has the expertise to help you with all necessary translations, legislative issues, apostille documents as well as documents that need to be notarized.
There is no doubt that the immigration stage is one of the most complicated points of the relocation process and for that reason BarnaRelocation managers intervene directly.
It is important to mention that BarnaRelocation does not subcontract staff to handle our clients’ immigration requirements, as we manage it within our company together with the cooperation of immigration experts all over the world. Our clients will be assigned to a single manager that will take care of their relocation process from the start until the end.

What is included in our Immigration process?

  • Analysis and review of clients’ necessities and suggestion of the most appropriate course of action to complete their immigration paperwork.
  • Assistance with initial visas applications in the country of origin (for non-EU countries), providing them email/phone consultations and office support.
  • Assistance with drafting relevant application forms for visa, work permit, NIE application, and others necessary documents.
  • Constant communication with our clients in order to ensure that all paperwork are correct and submitted on time.
  • Assistance in preparing documents in an appropriate manner according to the immigration regulations: official translations, notarisation, Apostilles and general legislation requirements.
  • Cooperation with the best local immigration specialists to ensure a smooth and flawless flow of work.
  • Constant communication with our clients to guarantee that all parties are updated on the process and the following steps are planned.
  • Immediate notification to the client once any pending document is ready in order to instantly proceed to the next step.
  • Assistance in providing the best advocacy services if you face any immigration refusals.
  • Instant report regarding key dates for Immigration Renewals such the date of expiry and the terms of prolongation. We also advise the client which documents should be gathered for the next successful visa/permit renewal.
  • Your assigned BarnaRelocation manger will accompany in your visits to local officials in order to be sure that the process is smooth and successful.
  • You will have all documents tracked in BarnaRelocation database which also contains the key dates of client’s documents.
  • BarnaRelocation also provides Immigration Cancellation services.

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