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Visas and work permits in Spain

golden visaObtaining a visa prior to your departure is an important step in order to start the Relocation process to Barcelona as without a visa you might not be able to enter in Spain.

Below you can find some information regarding the visa permit to Spain.

EU members don’t need visas in order to enter in Spain.
Non-EU members need a visa and they should apply for it in the embassy in their country of origin before arriving to Spain. These citizens should apply for the short-stay visa if they are planning to stay no more than 90 days in a period of 180 days. However, if they want to stay longer that that period then they should apply for the residence permit after their arrival to Spain. Please note that this type of visa doesn’t grant you the right to work.
• USA, Australia and New Zealand Citizens do not need a tourist visa to enter in Spain. But if they want to live in Spain, then they must apply to a national visa, which can be acquired in the Spanish Embassy in the country of residence.

Regarding different types of visas for non-EU member, please read below:

There are three types of visa and you should apply according to the reason you want to enter in Spain:
1. Airport Transit Visa (Visados de transito aeroportuario): This visa is used for people who are travelling and they have to cross a Spanish airport to continue their journey.
2. Short Stay Visa/Schengen Visa (Visados de corta duracion): Allows you to stay in Spain no more than 90 days in the period of 180 days.
3. National Visa (Visados Nacionales): Allows you to live, work and study in Spain.

There are also different types of visas which are issued for a specific purpose:

  • Work Visa (Visado de trabajo y residencia): Allows you to work in Spain
  • Student Visa (Visado de estudios): Allows you to study in Spain and it is valid until the end of your study course.
  • Diplomatic Visa (Visado de cortesía): Applies to government officials, medical visits, arts-related activities and humanitarian visits
  • Residence Visa (Visado de residencia): Allows you to live in Spain but not to work.

It is interesting to note that there is no work permit or visa restrictions for those who willing to work in Spain on a voluntary basis.

For a more detailed description of the entitlements and requirements for visas please visit the website for the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Also note that if the visa application is successful, the person must collect the visa within one month from the approval date from the office where the application was made. This period can be extended for two months if the visa is for family reunification or study purposes.

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