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Buying a House or Apartment in Barcelona

The entire process of buying any type of property or land in Barcelona (Spain) is rigorously regulated by the government. And for that reason, we highly recommend to hire experienced professionals that can assist you in all the necessary paperwork. As any other European city, searching for a property shouldn’t be difficult, but it all depends on certain preferences that you may have. There are several ways to search for properties to buy a property in Barcelona, this can be through real estate agents, property magazines and ”home hunters”. However, BarnaRelocation has a wide range of connections in real estate business in Barcelona, making everything possible that somehow deemed to be impossible. Whether it’s a simple modern apartment you’re looking for or a luxury house by the seaside – count on us to help you to find the home of your dreams!

To be able to stay focused on your search, we can help you make a list of the important features of your new home – the price, the size and number of rooms, bathrooms, if there will be a garage, garden, terrace or balcony – in order to be able to provide you a shortlist of ideal properties for you.

Moreover, we strongly advise to carefully consider the location and type of property, depending on its purpose, that it, whether it will be a main residence for you, your second home, your holiday home or a property-investment for the future. Having that in mind, BarnaRelocation knows the market tendencies and we can advise you the best options.

Another important note to take into serious consideration is the type of property and its present condition. There are some types of properties which are not acceptable for mortgage finance, or that the property should be classified as “habitable” and have the basic utilities of electricity, water and sewerage system, all according to the current regulations with all the necessary documentation.
Note that all properties which are registered at Registro de la Propiedad (Land Registry) in the following website can be mortgaged.

Please contact us and we will help you find the best property making it simple and hassle-free!


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