When I was moving from Iran, I had to take my dog with me. They helped me to prepare all the documents which are necessary for that and Candy (that’s her name) arrived in Barcelona safe and happy.

It was a pleasure to move with this company. Me and my husband are very happy with them. They saved our time and a lot of stress!

BarnaRelocation is doing a great job! I am a student and came from Germany to Barcelona for 2 years to study in University. Thanks to this company I did all administrative things very quickly and found a great place to live in a very short term.

I was transferred from Kiev to Barcelona office of my company. Because of my intensive work schedule and huge amount of business trips, I didn’t have a chance to deal with all moving issues. So I trusted to BarnaRelocation and they exceed my expectations. Professionalism in everything!

BarnaRelocation helped me to find the best house in all Barcelona! Thank you for that!