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schoolThe Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte) is responsible for the educational system in Spain; however, all Spanish community regions are as well responsible for their own educational systems.
The Law on the Quality of Education (Ley Orgánica de Calidad de la Educación – LOCE) describes all the main points of the education system in Spain, such as:

  • School is mandatory for all children from 6 years old until 18 years old
  • Students with special needs attend special schools
  • Religious classes are available, and are optional
  • Special schooling system available for artistic and language education

Spanish government created the so called “bridge” classes to help foreign students who don’t have a good knowledge of Spanish to help them integrate more effectively in their studying process. Surely these classes can help children learning Spanish right after relocating to Barcelona, nevertheless, BarnaRelocation advises to attend special language courses at the same time as the “bridge” classes. You should remember that school teaching is delivered in Catalan and Spanish.

Public and Private Schools

You have a possibility to assign your child either to a public or a private school. Note that some private schools are funded by the government, and these are called concertados – Fees for studying in this kind of schools are usually lower than in other private schools. Public school education is free, but in some regions in Spain, parents will be asked to buy books and other schooling materials from their own pocket.

If you wish your child not to enter in a Spanish speaking school environment, there are some private schools where the whole teaching is in English – Naturally, Spanish and Catalan lessons will be delivered as well.

Below is a short scheme of the Spanish schooling education.

The School System



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