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Universities in Spain

universityThere are more than seventy universities in Spain, where fifty of them are public and the rest (around twenty) are private universities. The universities are distributed throughout the country but the largest and most important cities have the highest number of universities, like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

University studies in Spain are divided into three different stages:

  • Undergraduate studies – these studies consist of three to four academic year programs. It requires a total of 240 credits.
  • Graduate studies – To earn a University Master degree, these studies consist of one to two academic year programs, and it requires between 60 and 120 credits. Also, you need to present a thesis (which needs to be publicly defended) and it requires between 6 and 30 credits.
  • Postgraduate studies – To earn a Doctoral degree, it requires the previous possession of a University Master degree. The postgraduate studies are divided into two cycles: the first cycle is of study that requires a total of 60 credits, and the other of research. Again, you will undergo a public defence of your doctoral thesis and it must be an original work of your research made. There is no time limit for doctoral programs, but they typically require three to four years of study and research.

Admission of international students in Spanish Universities

In order to be admitted to an undergraduate program in a Spanish university, international students must have an official recognition of their previous studies and pass the official Spanish university entrance exams, which can be taken twice each year in the country of origin of the student.

BarnaRelocation can provide to its clients with the service of registering to their preferred university in Barcelona and throughout Spain. We will help you to prepare all the necessary documents while you are still in your home country, as the documents should be certified in an appropriate manner and sent to university well in advance within specific deadline dates. We will help you with your university application and will make sure that in your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter does stress the main points which are needed for successful admission.  We will guide you through the whole process to make sure you study in one of the best universities in Europe. It is important to mention that there are some universities in Barcelona and in other Spanish cities which are in the list of the top 200 best universities in the world.

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