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Short-term Accommodation

Short term accomodation in BarcelonaBarnaRelocation’s short-accommodation service comprises the arrangement of temporary accommodation for individuals, families and employees and their families in the initial period after their arrival to Barcelona. We provide this service in order for you to find the ideal long-term home to rent or purchase as we are aware that this can take some time until you find the ideal property. If your family is arriving in a different period than you, then this can be a good option if you prefer to avoid expensive hotel bills.

This service helps us to provide you with a more comfortable relocation in situations where you cannot move into your permanent residence right after arriving, or where the available time is too short to complete all arrangements and paper work with long term renting or purchasing a property. This option is mostly appreciated among our clients because in this manner they live in more natural home environment way and they can begin to adapt to their new life much faster. Nevertheless, a few of our clients believe that hotels are good option as well.

BarnaRelocation offers the best short term apartments in Barcelona with a wide range of options to satisfy the different needs of each client. Our goal is to set you comfortable at the best prices and to guarantee you the feeling of well-being during this phase of rescheduling your daily life. We can provide you a list of apartments which are located in the best areas of Barcelona, nevertheless, if you do know which district you want to live, no problem – BarnaRelocation will provide you a list of apartments with your preferences for you to choose.

Depending on each case, we will propose you daily, weekly or monthly rentals in Barcelona, as well as with full serviced apartments that include check-in, check-out and environmentally friendly apartments with a cleaning service if required. All apartments proposed to our clients are on the high end level in terms of infrastructure quality and its location in order to create a better feeling of belongingness and comfort before you move into your long-term home.

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