NIE number in Spain

NIEAll Spanish residents as well as foreign citizens who are living in Spain more than 90 days within 180 days are obliged to have a NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero). This number is necessary if you intend to do any fiscal activity on Spanish territory. Also, this number will be shown in all official documents which are issued in Spain. The NIE is very important for the Spanish Tax authorities as it controls the fiscal activities of all registered foreigners in Spain. As an example, companies in Spain have a NIF number (Número de Identificación Fiscal), as well as a CIF number (Certificado de Identificación Fiscal) depending on type of business.

You will need the NIE to be able to do the following activities:

  • To open a bank account
  • To rent or buy a property in Spain
  • To get the mortgage or to get credit from the bank
  • To pay taxes
  • To receive salary if you are employed or you do internship
  • To start your own business
  • To register in social security office
  • To apply and receive driver’s license

How to obtain the NIE in Spain?

If you wish to apply for a NIE you must go to the foreign department (Oficina de Extranjeros) in the Spanish police station (Comisaría) of your area, either yourself or your representative. You will be asked to take with you and fill in the following documents:

  • An application form, filled and signed by you. We advise not to sign this application form alone – Sign in the presence of the officials once they confirm that everything is duly delivered and filled.
  • A bank receipt that shows you paid the fees. It should also be stamped by the bank.
  • International passport
  • Two passport photographs
  • You must provide certified documents which show the reason of coming to Spain

During the application process, the representative of the police station will give you a paper with your temporary NIE while the card is being issued. Usually it takes around one month to receive your NIE card and once ready, you will need to go to the police station again to collect your new card.

For additional information please visit the webpage of the Ministerio del Interior.

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