Real Estate in Catalonia Real Estate in Catalonia

BarnaRelocation has as its goal to provide to all its clients with the best Real Estate service in Barcelona according to company policies and individual needs. We are sure to find you the best property to buy or rent in all Catalonia region.
Our Real Estate services are divided into Basic Package to which you can add some specific services (Extended Package) and VIP Package which includes all services in Real Estate.
BarnaRelocation saves clients time and money: Our staff can relocate faster and more efficient once a property is found, and immediately start pushing forward the whole process without any obstructions. Also there is a possibility to save money on a short term accommodation.
Managers at BarnaRelocation are highly experienced in Real Estate market as they are well connected with the best Real Estate agencies in Barcelona and the rest of Spain, they have special partner agreements and they have top-notch negotiating skills to handle deals and you the best price within the best conditions, especially for BarnaRelocation clients.

BarnaRelocation service includes:

Needs Analysis – We will analyse your necessities and will ask about your preferences and criteria, and according to this information we will select the best properties available for you.
Accompanying – Managers of BarnaRelocation will visit some of the properties with you and will help you make the best decisions.
Administrative support – BarnaRelocation managers will help you with all the necessary paper work for house searching such as constant look out for new properties and scheduling visits. We will also assist you in the contracting phase as well.
Utilities and connection setting up – We can set up all connections in a very short term, so you could start living in your new home as soon as possible.

BarnaRelocation packages:

Standard package – BarnaRelocation will shortlist 10 properties according to your criteria of which 3 visits will be accompanied by our manager. This package also includes assistance with the lease contract, as our managers will review it and amend if necessary.
Extended package – It’s a Standard Package plus the additional personalised services which you would like to add. Such as, bigger amount of searched properties, more accompanying visits, utilities setting up, etc.
VIP Package – With this package you will receive a shortlist of 20 ideal properties, 10 accompanying visits, full administrative and office support, utilities setting up and further cancellation benefits.

BarnaRelocation is the best in:

  •  Negotiation of Rent & Lease Agreement – we will provide you with the best price and lease/buying conditions, the best property location and the perfect neighbourhood.
  • Landlord Check-up – We want you to lease/buy a property from a reliable landlord. BarnaRelocation only collaborates with landlords who work according to all regulations and has all necessary certificates.
  • Lease contracts investigation – we will analyse the contract and will amend it if necessary.
  • Check-in Report – According to our check-in list we will make sure that the property is ready for lease/sale.
  • Buying furniture and household goods– We will do it fast and smart. We have the knowledge of the best places in Barcelona to buy the best goods at a special price according to your preferences.
  • Connection/utilities setting up– We know which connection (TV, internet, mobile) providers are the best in Barcelona and which will suit you best according to your needs. Also BarnaRelocation can help to connect utilities just right after moving to your new home, so that you save time, hassle and unnecessary additional costs.

Renting and buying Real Estate properties in Barcelona through BarnaRelocation is very easy. Our clients just need to choose their house preference criteria from already searched and filtered properties.

We make it simple!

Real Estate in Barcelona
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