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One of the sectors mostly affected by the crisis in the past years was without any doubt the real estate market. And as a result, Spain, in comparison with other European countries, holds a relatively small property market when talking about long-term renting. However, Barcelona does have many excellent properties available and BarnaRelocation can help you with your long-term renting.

You can find more information regarding the legal requirements for renting in the Law of Urban Lettings (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos) of 1994 in the following website, where rental contracts dated from 1 January 1995 as displayed.

Below are some of our most useful tips to successfully search and rent (an apartment or house) in Barcelona.

1. You can easily find many websites for renting apartments in Barcelona, but most of them are for holidays and short-term rentals. Everybody knows that it isn’t easy to find a good apartment by just relying on internet resources. Real estate agencies play a great role in finding a great house and they can help you with this far better than any other resource.
2. Another option is to go to the neighbourhood you have previously selected and look for the sign “Alquilar” which are put in windows and balconies of the specific flat available for renting. Both the owner of the property and the real estate agency put advertisements.
3. Spanish lease contracts are usually signed for the minimum term of 1 year. Also you can see very often a minimum 3 year contract.
4. You will need to have a residence permit in order to open a local Spanish bank account and this permit should be approved for 1 year minimum.
5. Before being able to rent a flat you will need to open a Spanish bank account under your name as most payments of utilities, telephony and rent will be taken directly from your Spanish bank account. Please note that overseas banks are generally not accepted for this kind of transactions.
6. With a simple lease contract you can go to Barcelona City Hall (Ajuntament) and register yourself as a resident.
All this can seem quite a horrible task to handle, but this is why BarnaRelocation can guide you with all these procedures and all will seem much easier.


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