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Pets and Animals in Spain

When walking throughout Barcelona’s streets, either early in the morning, noon or late at night, you will see many dogs with their owners, especially near the green parks where they have special fenced “playgrounds” for dogs to play freely.
Pets in Spain are called animales domésticos or mascotas and are defined as animals kept for company.
If you do wish to bring your pet, it is important to read the information below regarding the general rules for pet owners in Spain:

  • All domestic pets in Spain should have a microchip. A couple of years ago you had to make a readable tattoo for your pet. However, tattoos stopped being accepted as a means of identification from July 2011.
  • It is obligatory to vaccinate against rabies. Also it is advisable to vaccinate dogs against canine distemper (hard pad disease). Cats should be vaccinated against feline gastro enteritis and typhus.
  • There is no law against dogs fouling in public places, except in Granada. However people can be very sensitive about it and there are specific rules within streets and certain places, such as urban parks, etc.
  • Dogs should be kept on a leash in public places.
  • If the dog is travelling with you in the car, it must be kept at a distance from the driver.
  • Dogs are allowed to travel with you in trains, although in certain cases dogs and cats may need to be contained in a pet carrier. Dogs usually travel at half price of a 2nd class ticket. You have to pay this fee directly to the conductor.

BarnaRelocation can manage your pet relocation to Barcelona and provide you with an overview of the rules of pet ownership in Barcelona, what to do if your pet gets lost, and what to do if you find a lost pet. As well, we will inform you about all services available for you and your pet.

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