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People with Disabilities in Barcelona

Barcelona is considered a friendly city to people with disabilities. Spain has all the necessary facilities, organisations and support available for people with mobility, sight or hearing impairments. All modernised and central metro premises are equipped with special stairs, elevators and most of all public transports in Barcelona are adapted for people with disabilities.

Only Spanish residents can obtain the disabled Person’s card and it is available in your local City Hall (Ayuntamiento). Barcelona administration tries its best to make sure that most of the facilities in the city as well as most beaches have some special areas adapted for disabled people and it’s important to note that some beaches are specially equipped with wheelchair accessible board walks, showers and toilets.

Below is a list of some Spanish Associations for the Disabled and Mobility Reduced people:
APSA: Asociaciones de Discapacitados (Disabled People Association). Website
COCEMFE: Association for the disabled and their integration in the workplace. Website
ONCE Spanish organisation for the blind (website in English). Website
CERMI – Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities. Umbrella organisation representing the interests of people with disabilities in Spain. Website

Spanish International Airports

In 2008, the European Parliament approved a regulation which facilitated air flights for people with reduced mobility. People with reduced mobility could have free movement and special assistance if needed, in airplanes, airports, baggage check-in and with all the flight connections.
For that reason, all Spanish airports have adapted to the needs of disabled people. All airplanes have special ramps which are available from local air companies for transport to and from international airports.


People with disabilities can park their cars in Barcelona in special places. However, they should have a special disabled sticker or blue badge in the window. A Spanish resident may request a disabled sticker in their local City Hall (Ayuntamiento).

The blue badge is a standard European Community disabled person’s parking permit, therefore it is valid in any other European Union country too. A person coming to Spain from another EU country can apply in their home country for this universal badge, which will allow the use of reserved parking in Spain.
Please note:

  • There are special signs for spaces in car parks reserved for disabled people
  • Do not to park in this special places if you do not have the blue badge or you can be fined
  • On very few parking places you can park free of charge
  • Please pay close attention to off-street parking as many are reserved for residents or with a parkimeter
  • There are no concessions for disabled drivers on off-street parking

BarnaRelocation can assist any client with disabilities or any member from their family. We will guide you through every instance and will help you to make your relocation as simple as possible!


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