Resources to Moving to Barcelona services

useful informationBarnaRelocation tries its best to make everything simple and clear for its clients. We know how hard it’s to find the exact information when you have the faintest idea what and where to look for. Below is a list of websites with information needed related to moving to Barcelona for you to read related to foreign affairs:

1. MAP (Ministerio de Politica Territorial) Website
Here you will find information concerning visas, obtaining residency card and lots of other useful information.

2. MIR (Ministerio del Interior) Website
Here you will find information about residency permit for EU citizens in Spain

3. Oficina de Extranjeros Website
This is the webpage of the Foreigners’ Office at the Ministry of the Interior

4. Cadastral Electronic Site (Sede Electrónica del Catastro) Website
This is the online directory to check the Cadastral (land registry number)

5. Europa website Website
Here you will find specific information about pet transportation and Pet Passport.

6. AEPA (Associación Español de Perros de Assistencia) Website
The Spanish association for guide dogs.

If you need any other information not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you further.

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