Checklist before departure

Moving to Spain Checklist

checklist 2Before leaving you should carefully check if you took all that you need in your new home.
BarnaRelocation will help you with all administrative issues which are necessary in order to get in on the territory of Spain such as visas and permits. We will consult you on restrictions and taxes for shipped goods, such as vehicle or pets, vaccines for pets and insurance for you and your family.
Before leaving it is very important to gather all important documents. BarnaRelocation advises you to request the official copies of important personal documents. If needed in advance you should arrange official translations. BarnaRelocation suggests you the next items:

  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Vaccination, medical and dental records
  • Academic records and diplomas
  • Employment records

All other documents nowadays are mostly made for international use.

Here is the list of what you should do:

1. Health Insurance. Get your Insurance at least for the first time in Barcelona. BarnaRelocation will investigate your needs and will propose appropriate type of insurance for you and your family. If you are a Non EU citizen usually you will be asked by the embassy to have a simple insurance coverage for the first 3 months of staying in Barcelona.

2. Bank and Credit Card Accounts Management. BarnaRelocation advises you to review accounts and notify your bank in advance about your relocation. We advise you to speak with your bank about online international banking, which will make it easier to transfer money between countries.

3. Take with you Prescription Drugs. If you are taking special prescription drugs, BarnaRelocation advises you to purchase additional quantities for the first period in Barcelona and obtain a copy of the medical prescription, also you can make official translation of prescription. Keep your drugs in the carry-on luggage in the event any bags are lost or delayed in transit.

4. International Driving Permit. BarnaRelocation advises you to renew driver’s licence (if relevant). In Barcelona you will need to exchange them into international type of licence.

5. Learn about Tax Obligations. It is very important to learn in advance about tax rules for foreign earned income as well. It will be useful for you whether you will be an employee or you are currently running your own business..

6. Learn about requirements for keeping pets. If you are moving with your pet BarnaRelocation will insure that your pet received all necessary vaccinations and proper identification microchip. Once the pet will be in Barcelona, we will manage the process of receiving new documentation.

7. Adjust your phone settings. BarnaRelocation will help you to choose the best mobile operator in Barcelona according to your needs. But before you have to be sure that you will be able to receive phone calls and messages on your current mobile number till the moment BarnaRelocation set up everything.
8. Cancel Subscriptions and Forward Mail. Don’t forget to Cancel Subscriptions and Forward Mail or find the person or service who will redirect your mail in the first time in your country of origin.


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