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11683983_mlMoving to Barcelona is a big process which can be very stressful either if you are moving just yourself or together with your family. You need to think about all the issues and problems and above all, to make sure you take into account every single detail.

BarnaRelocation is one of the best and trustable relocation companies in Barcelona as we can make your moving process seem easy. Our professionals will take of care of all details of your move, ensuring a complete door-to-door positive experience. Our staff will manage the whole process and remove all the burden of having to deal with everything alone

BarnaRelocation has strong and longstanding relationships with the best transportation companies who will do a “door to door” shipping of all your household goods. We trust our partners that all shipments are made within the estimated date and insuring a safe delivery of your household goods and we work with worldwide partners which are specialised in different types of cargos. With that said, wherever you are and whatever you need to transport, we can truly advise you the appropriate company which can provide you with an excellent service for an affordable price.

BarnaRelocation will provide you with a thorough checklist that will help you to be organised and focused. We are here to manage every step of your moving process as we feel responsible for your piece of mind.

The moving process is divided into the following parts:

  • Analysis of necessities – When crosschecking your check list we will understand which household goods are to be transported. As well, we will take into consideration your future needs in Barcelona according to your lifestyle, etc.
  • Administrative support – we will assist you with all the paperwork necessary for customs for any type of cargo.
  • Packing of household goods and delivery – our worldwide partners work among themselves in order to provide you with the best services in packing and unpacking in the final location. Their experience and the level of client’s satisfaction are exceptional.
  • Transit insurance – The Transportation Company will provide you with full coverage for your goods declared.
  • Storage of goods – once your household goods arrive to Barcelona, they will be stored only in the best storage places, either being a long term or short term storage.

Believe us, we make it simple!


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