Moving to Barcelona with family

Family assistance in Barcelona, Spain

Familiy assistance BarnarelocationBarcelona as well as the rest of Spain, is seen by many as a wonderful place to live with your family. Spanish society puts family first above everything else. Children are welcomed everywhere and “family time” is extremely valued. You can see entire families playing in the playgrounds during the week days on a day-to-day life routine as towns and communities, as well as within companies, push more and more towards this kind of lifestyle. Once relocated to Barcelona you will want to stabilise your life and the life of your family as soon as possible, this is why BarnaRelocation will help you with the process of your integration inside the Spanish society and for that we offer you the following services:

1. School search for your children. BarnaRelocation will deliberate with your family regarding the school selection criteria, explain all possible educational options in Barcelona and provide a complete info about the family’s selected schools. We will help with the application process and will guide you with all administrative issues.
2. Assistance with the University registration. BarnaRelocation knows how the university system works in Spain and we know which requirements are needed in order to apply to the most notorious universities. We will help you to choose the best universities according to your desired level and profession. We can help you register at the chosen university and how to set up the payment process wisely. Also BarnaRelocation can give some tips for scholarships depending on each particular case.
3. Assistance with language courses. Unfortunately not all language courses are good and it is very easy to enrol in a wrong course. BarnaRelocation can advise which language schools can be the right choice for you according to your level, available timetable and the result you look for.
4. Wedding management. Barcelona is a very famous spot for wedding days. Many people come to Barcelona for this special occasion and managers at BarnaRelocation can help you with administrative paperwork and we can provide you with a list of the best wedding organisers in all Barcelona.
5. Pet management. If you decide to have a pet, you should be aware of all aspects such as vaccination and documentation which you should have for every pet.
6. Work search assistance. If you or your partner decide to search for a new job, BarnaRelocation can help you. We can advise you on the best search engines in Barcelona and we can provide you with a list including the most renowned national and international companies. We will reveal you all the secrets of a successful job searching in Barcelona.
7. Cultural têt-a-têt. Some people say that it takes a lot of time to discover all secrets of the city and we couldn’t agree less. It can take up to 1 year to discover all the really important things by yourself. You won’t be able to go beyond small baby-steps to discover new places, you will make wrong turns, go to wrong restaurants and you’ll end up missing out on the best places. Not to mention not knowing how to react in some occasions. BarnaRelocation can provide you with a cultural session after which you will have priceless information about all fantastic possibilities in Barcelona.

BarnaRelocation can help you integrate faster and make you feel as quickly as possible as a part of the Spanish society.

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