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useful informationBarnaRelocation tries its best to make everything simple and clear for its clients. We know how hard it’s to find the exact information when you have the faintest idea what and where to look for. Below is a list of websites with information useful for your family when moving to Barcelona for you to read:

1. Ministry of Education (Ministerio de Educación). Website
2. Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Sanidad, Política Social e Igualdad). Website
3. European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education. Website
4. Mum Abroad. Resources for English-speaking parents living in Spain. Website
5. Spanish Tourism Portal. Information for families living in Spain. Website
6. European Job Mobility Portal (EURES). Assistance for job seekers around Europe. Website
7. Animal Protection (in Spanish) Website
8. Kids in Barcelona. Information for English-speaking about activities throughout Catalonia. Website

We hope this information is of help to you, however, if you need any other information not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you further.

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