Lawyer in Spain

Lawyer in BarcelonaHaving to move to Barcelona means that a person must deal with some sort of legal bureaucracy and everything else related to it. Depending on the needs and the different circumstances, at some point or another you might need the advice of a lawyer, a professional specialised in processes during a relocation period. This lawyer should be familiar with the Spanish and international law in order to assist you with any legal matters that you may come across. It is very important to have a trusted person or company who is experienced and knows how to effectively get positive results.
We can say that a lawyer’s assistance and advice is needed in almost every stage of the relocation process and BarnaRelocation successfully gets this support from in-house lawyers which supervise all the necessary steps, such as:
– Visa application in the country of origin (if needed),
– NIE, residence, work permit application,
– Buying/renting a property,
– Wedding in Barcelona,
– Establishing a business and many other.
We are certain that BarnaRelocation can provide you with the best legal services whether you want to purchase real estate or office space, or whether you want to move your business to Barcelona and need information and advice regarding trade law. Having a lawyer will, with no doubt, save precious time and cost. Even if you speak fluent Spanish, we still strongly advise to use the services of experienced lawyers for the key legal issues during relocation.
Rest assure that BarnaRelocation’s lawyers are one of the best in Barcelona who also work in well-respected law firms, who have years of experience. All our lawyers speak perfect English and some are Russian speaking as well.
BarnaRelocation Lawyer Assistance can cover the following specialties:
– Administrative Law,
– Real Estate and Construction,
– Civil and Private International Law,
– Trade Law,
– Corporate Criminal Liability,
– Intellectual and Industrial Property and others.
BarnaRelocation will make it simple!



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