Transport in Barcelona

Foreign Driving Licences

Driving licences are mandatory to drive a car or motorbike. You should be aware which type of driving licence is valid and which licence must be replaced to be legally able to drive in Barcelona.

Driving licences in Spain fall into three categories, make sure that you follow the necessary actions before arriving to Barcelona:
1. EU and EEA driving licences are valid in Spain and you are welcome to change them into Spanish driving licences (International Drivers License)
2. Driving licences from some other non-EU countries should be replaced (canjes de permisos) for a Spanish one within a short period of time
3. Unfortunately, there are specific driving licences which are not valid nor can be replaced. The cardholder in these cases, has to be submit to a new driving exam to obtain a new Spanish driving licence (licencia / permiso de conducción).

Let us know what is your current situation regarding your driving licence and BarnaRelocation will take care all matters regarding your vehicle and its documentation.

Owning a Vehicle in Spain

All vehicles (cars and motorcycles) should be registered, insured and roadworthy. Every driver should have their vehicle insured and with a valid roadworthiness certificate.

Transport in Spain

Luckily Spain has a well-built infrastructure of roads, rail and air transports providing relatively easy travel to, from and around Spain and all types of transports are comfortable to use in Barcelona. Surprisingly the city doesn’t have too much car traffic in comparison with other major European cities and generally you don’t get stuck in huge traffic jams on a daily basis. Because Barcelona is fairly flat, safe and eco-friendly city, you can also find special roads exclusive for bicycles, as many people choose this kind of transport. Another very well-known option is to ride a motorcycle as it is very easy to park and doesn’t require too much petrol. One of the most used means of transportation is the underground / subway (the metro) as you can reach your destination quite fast and easy. On the streets, you have buses and taxis which have their own exclusive street lanes and you’ll hardly get stuck in traffic jams.

Public Transport in Barcelona

Barcelona has excellent means of transport such as buses, underground and overground rail, ferries and air services. The public means of transport in Barcelona are well connected with each other and are in very good condition and most of the city’s ground transport are integrated in just one fare ticket. If you decide to drive in Barcelona, that wouldn’t be too much of a hassle as the roads are well connected and the direction signs are clearly posted and reasonably easy for you to guide yourself to your destination.

Spain by sea

Spain and its islands have an extensive coastline and as such, you can find numerous ferry ports and sea routes to the many Mediterranean areas, Africa and northern Europe. With no surprise, Barcelona has a big port which is used for passengers and for cargos.


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