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Healthcare services in Barcelona

health-careBarnaRelocation recommends its clients to seek healthcare solutions as soon as possible after arriving to Barcelona. We cannot stop emphasizing that it is very important to have appropriate health insurance coverage from the first days in a new country. Bear in mind that most of our clients from non-EU countries are initially covered through their travel insurances which generally cover about 30.000 EUR and our EU citizens clients usually possess the International European Healthcard issued in their home country which is valid in all European Countries. Whatever is your case, you should always think about your healthcare plan in Barcelona in advance.
A positive fact is that Spain is ranked 7th as the country with the best healthcare system in the world. The system uses a combination of private and public sectors and both are really successful and effective but of course everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on each unique client’s case, different options for different providers are available, as some of our clients prefer to only attend public hospitals and clinics, and others only private ones. BarnaRelocation can recommend you the best option which depends on your heath today, your chronicle diseases and the frequency you need to go to doctor or do analysis. We guarantee you that healthcare system in Spain is not at all expensive if you choose the type of coverage you need wisely.

BarnaRelocation can analyse your needs and the needs of your family and we can propose you the best option or the best combination. With us you will feel protected and sure that you made the correct choice.

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