Having a Baby in Spain

Birth in BarcelonaThe healthcare system in Spain is one of the best in the entire world. The birth rate is at a constant rise as well as the longevity in Spain, which is considered to be the most achieved in Europe. Apart from Spain, Barcelona as well, has many renowned clinics and hospitals where you can give birth to your child. This city is a great location due to many different factors: For example, many Spanish celebrities gave birth in Barcelona because of the highly specialised professionals and excellent facilities; also, Barcelona’s Mediterranean climate positively influences the mother and baby’s health.
Before taking a decision you should carefully choose the clinic where you want to give birth and find out which entitlements are available from the social healthcare system and which coverage you can get from a private health care system. In general, the cost of giving birth in Barcelona and the rest of Spain is acceptable, that is, everyone can afford it.
Giving birth in Barcelona can be very favourable for a person from a non-EU country. Spain, as the place of birth can give to the child the possibility, in future, to get an official Spanish citizenship just after 3 years of legally residing in Spain. This is a great advantage for the child as normally a person has the right to apply for the Spanish citizenship after being legally residing over 10 years in Spain. Moreover, students from non-EU countries can apply for work permit only after 3 years legally residing in Spain.

BarnaRelocation can help you to choose the best clinic in Barcelona to give birth and will provide you with a qualified legal support while registering the baby after birth in all Spanish government officials in the correct manner, as it is very important to complete the registration process accurately.

Having a baby in Barcelona is a great experience and BarnaRelocation is here to help. Further information at birthinspain.com

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