Vehicle transportation & Registration

Vehicle formalities spainBarnaRelocation is aware that very often your personal vehicle can be very important for you and you might not want to sell it and ultimately you would like to take with you.
Thanks to our excellent partners, we can assist you with the transportation & registration all kinds of vehicles: cars, bikes, motors and boats. When you decide that you do want to take your vehicle with you, we will select the transportation services most qualified and cost saving for you. Whether traveling by truck or by rail, rest assure that we will keep it out of harm’s way until it is delivered right in your front door in Barcelona.
With carefully selected partners, the door-to-door pickup and delivery of your vehicle will be easy, fast, reliable and professional.

BarnaRelocation will take care of everything:

  • We walk you through our shipping process and let you know step-by-step of the whole transportation process.
  • Depending on your timing and locations, our partners determine the best route using truck, sea and / or rail across our extensive transportation network.
  • We take care of all custom documentation.
  • We provide you with the checklist in order to prepare your vehicle for the transportation day.
  • We provide you with a tracking status of the location of your vehicle while it’s on route to its final destination.

Why choose BarnaRelocation Vehicle Management Service?

  • Expertise – We are experts on Global Relocation Management as we carefully select partners with proven successful background. With both parties having a high level of experience and professionalism we can work effectively as a team.
  • Exceptional relocation value – we provide you with cost-effective services within the highest quality standards. We value your time, costs and peace of mind. Above all, we work to receive a 100% client satisfaction feedback.
  • Choice – Because we are dealing with your personal belongings, we believe that you have the right to contribute with your perspective regarding several options of your vehicle’s transportation and together choose the most suitable solution for you.

You can trust your vehicle with BarnaRelocation. We will make it simple!


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