About Barnarelocation

BarnaRelocation provides a global relocation services to individuals, students, families and companies who wish to move to Barcelona. We are known for our high-level professional services that help our clients feel safe, confident and stress-free during their relocation process.
BarnaRelocation takes care of just about every single step of the whole process in order to make your relocation run as smoothly as possible. We coordinate, support, advice and perform for you!
Our managers at BarnaRelocation have many years of experience within the International relocation Industry and because we deeply understand the challenges that relocation can bring to our clients lives, we made sure that our staff is comprised by local and international individuals so that we can adapt to the needs of our clients and their culture.
BarnaRelocation is truly committed to its clients, and recognized by its remarkable professionalism and outstanding service quality for an affordable price while maintaining its high standards constantly. Our goal is to get a 10 out of 10 score of satisfaction of all our clients as we are sure that this is where BarnaRelocation is at its best.
Barcelona is our home. With our help it can be your home!
Make Barcelona your home with BarnaRealocation!



  1. Professionalism

    We are among the best professionals within the relocation business in Barcelona. We have the deepest knowledge of the services you will need and we are excellent in providing them to you in the best way.

  2. Reliability

    You can trust that everything will seem effortless to you with our assistance. Our clients always receive the results they hope to get.

  3. Commitment

    Our clients are all what we care about. We aim to provide the best comfort and hassle-free experience by having everything done for you.

  4. Efficiency

    BarnaRealocation is focused on delivering complete integrated solutions in a clear and concise manner that results in a 100% customer satisfaction.

  5. Transparency

    With regards to our services and charges we are committed to set everything clear so that you can better understand how we can offer an excellent service at an affordable rate.

  6. Open mind

    BarnaRelocation embraces new ideas which have drastically improved the way we manage all our clients door-to-door moving process by letting go of old misconducts which were slowing down the whole moving process thus saving time and unnecessary added costs.

  7. Consistency

    We bring constant value in all services we provide you. We ensure that everything runs smoothly, coherent and in a timely fashion making us one of the most efficient relocation expert company in Barcelona.

  8. Innovation

    The world is in constant change and we are always looking out for new and creative ideas to follow and apply every time we believe it’s of benefit to our clients.

  9. Creativeness

    Thanks to our creativity in simplifying complex problems, we make possible the relocation look like an art of connected processes. Above all we love what we do and what we deliver.

  10. Positiveness

     We are always optimistic and positive in our work. During more challenging situations we aim to stay calm and support our clients as we understand that moving from one place to another can sometimes be a stressful event even when all runs well.

  11. Passion

    We are passionate in everything we do. BarnaRelocation is not just a 9 to 5 job, it’s a philosophy for smooth, hassle-free relocation process.


  • We have some of the most experienced employees in the business.

  • We are multilingual and multicultural. We speak several languages such as English, Spanish, Russian and other languages.

  • We have special relocation programs which are specifically designed to fit different types of customers, their needs and requirements.

  • We are available 24hr a day, 7 days per week, and 365 days a year.

  • We have special agreements with the best Real Estates in Barcelona.

  • Our Immigration services section is carried out only by Immigration professionals.

  • We have especial package services uniquely targeted to Individual customers and other uniquely targeted for companies.

  • We offer follow-up services after your relocation is concluded if it is necessary to correct minor issues unforeseen during the process.

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